Floral & Still Life - Chinse Painting
Peony 16"x20" (Spontaneous Style, demo painting for DVD. Click here for details)
Cottonwood (Spontaneous Style) 19"x28"
Roses (Spontaneous Style) 16"x22"

Day Lily (Spontaneous Style) 14"x18"

Tiger Lily (Spontaneous Style) 18"x26"
Vegetables (Spontaneous Style) 12"x16"
Tomato (Spontaneous Style, hang scroll) 16"x27"
Banana Tree (Spontaneous Style, hang scroll) 16"x27"
Orchid2 (Spontaneous Style, hang scroll) 18"x36"
Orchid3 (Spontaneous Style, hang scroll) 18"x36"
Wisteria (Spontaneous Style) 18"x26"
Corn (Spontaneous Style) 18"x26"
Orchid4 (Spontaneous Style, mounted on canvas) 15"x30"

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