Schedules and Material List

2020 Workshops
Jan.11 to 18
Watercolor Painting Vacation

Boca de Tomatlan (15 miles from Puerto Vallarta)
Jalisco, Maxico
(Early Registration with $100 discount)

  Robert Masla
(413) 625-8382
Jan. 25 & 26
Jan. 27 & 28 Chinese painting

Savannah Art Association,
Wilmington Island, GA

  Sraah Lynne Bernzott
(912) 289-7038 (912) 232-7731
Feb. 3 to 5

Yuma, AZ

  Debe Nidiffer
(928) 210-9119
Feb. 13 & 14

Villages Art Workshops Building
The Villages, FL
(Full, waiting list)

  Julie McGlone
(352) 750-1068
Feb. 15 & 16

Cape Coral, FL

  Judith MacLaren
(239) 242-0495
Feb. 18 & 19

The Highlands,
Marana, AZ
(Full, waiting list)

  Lynda Hassett
(707) 468-5001
Feb. 20 Chinse painting
Feb.21 & 22
    Katherine Reyes
(520) 398-2371
March 16 to 18

Williamsburg, VA

  Kay Krapfl
March 20 to 22

Bellville, TX

  Jane Mc kinley (979) 885-9259
Sandy Rhodes (281) 216-9244
March 29 to April 1

Bartlesville Art Association
Bartlesville, OK

  Ashley Artistry
April 6 to 8

Albany, GA

  Carole Gum
(229) 432-5417
April 17 to 19 Chinse painting &

Rhode Island

  Lois Erhartic
(401) 862-8104
April 23 to 26 Watercolor Plein Air

Watercolor sketching outdoor two sessions each day: one in the morning and the other afternoon at Red Rock Canyon & Spring Mountain State Park and Valley of Fire.
Las Vegas, NV. See details below.

  Amber Palmer
(530) 899-8401
May 5 to 8
2 day Chinse painting
& 2 day

Northern Arizona Watercolor Society
Sedona, AZ

  Meg Beauchamp
(928) 592-7341
May 15 to 17

Valley Watercolor Society
San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center, Tarzana, CA!event/2020/2/14/3-day-workshop-with-andy-evansen

  Selina Cheng
(310) 283-4105
June 4 to 6

The Art Guid of Tellico Village, TN

  Laura Hersh
(630) 649-8020
June 18 to 21

1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

  Reservations: (888) 727-1440
General Inquiries: (844) 544-1440
August 17 to 21 Chinse painting
& Watercolor

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
150 Lake Drive Rhinebeck, NY 12572

  (877) 944-2002
Sept 18 to 20

Spokane Art Supply, Spokane, WA

509) 327-6628 (50) 327-6622
Oct. 3 to 5 Chinse painting

Desert Art League
Ridgecrest, CA

  Carolyn McDaniel
(760) 608-9454
Oct. 22 to 24
Oct. 25 Chinese painting

Huntsville Museum of Art
Huntsville, AL

  Laura E. Smith
(256) 535.4350 ext. 222
Nov. 2 to 4 Watercolor

Art League of Lincoln CA

  Jan Apfel
(916) 408-1308
Nov. 8 to 11 Watercolor Plein Air
    Amber Palmer
(530) 570-7343
Nov. 13 to 15

Kauai, Hawaii
(Full, waiting list)

  Sabina Kwan
(808) 826-6983
2021 China Painting Trip

The Art and Culture of China - A Visual and Sketching Tour 2021
Tour to Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Chongqing, Dazu, Yangtze River Three Gorges Cruise, Yichang, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuzhen 16 Days
click here for details

  Charlie Zhang or Michelle Liang (CYTS)
(415) 732-7100

Workshop material List:

Chinese painting material:

Shuan Paper(rice paper):
One mature (sized) and 2 raw Shuan Papers (size approximately 30 inch x50 inch).
Four Chinese brushes from extra small to large.
One small bottle Chinese painting ink or Sumi ink.
Chinese painting colors (12 tubes in one set).

Feel free to bring all Chinese/Sumi painting materials you have. I will carry the above materials for those who need them. Students can purchase the Chinese painting material kit (include all materials listed above) for $35.00 or individual items in the workshop.

Note: If the workshop is Chinese painting only, also bring the following materials:
One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23", a half-sheet watercolor paper,a large palette, a pencil, a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer, an apron, a pare of scissors and one roll of white paper towel.

If the workshop is a combination of Chinese and watercolor paintings, these materials are listed under the "Others" at the Watercolor painting materials bellow.

To order the Chinese painting materials click Chinese Painting Materials

Watercolor painting material: Available in and Spokane Art Supply, Spokane, WA

Brushes: Synthetic and / or Black Velvet brushes.
Round - number 4, 6 & 8, get two of each, Pointed - number 2, 3, one or two of each
Flat - one or two ¼ inch (with wedge shape at end of handle for applying masking such as Windsor and Newton aquarelle brushes), two ½ inch and a 1 inch.

Colors (tubes):
Three tubes of the primary colors. One from each of the three groups of primary colors: Blue - Antwerp (Windsor and Newton), Prussian or Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade (M.Graham &Co.); Yellow - Hansa, Azo Light (M.Graham &Co.), Windsor (Windsor and Newton), Arylide (DVP), Bumblebee or Aureoine (American Journey). Red – Pyrrol, Napthal (M.Graham &Co.), Winsor (Windsor and Newton), Joe's Red American Journey). Other similar primary colors are OK.

Half sheets (15"x22", or 16"x20") 140 lb Cold Press watercolor papers, Arches or Kilimanjaro, NO EXCEPTIONS. 5-day and 4-day workshop needs 3, 3-day workshop needs 2, 2-day workshop needs 2.

One large size palette like John Pike Watercolor palette (not little ones; large white color plate is OK).

Masking Fluid:
A new bottle of light colored art-masking fluid: Art Masking Fluid by U.S. Art Supply ( has it), Shiva Liquid Masque by Richson Mediums or Windsor and Newton's yellowish color masking are recommended. If Cheapjoes dose not have them buy from

One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23" for taping down the half sheet size watercolor paper, Three small dishes for making color liquids, a roll of packing tape (not blue or yellow tapes), 2 sheets of graphite papers (transfer paper, erasable), a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer (not little ones), a brush washer (a jar contains water for cleaning brushes), an apron, 2 sheets of tracing papers size about 15"x12", a pair of scissors, a B2 or #2 pencil, erasers and one roll of white paper towel. One measuring tea spoon. If you can't blow the color liquids while painting, get a can of Compressed Gasduster from office supply store.

To buy Giclee prints of Lian Zhen paintings, click Giclee Prints
To purchase Lian Zhen books and painting demo DVDs, click Book & Painting Demo DVDs

Las Vegas Plein Air
April 23 to 26, 2020

First day: Aril 23 Thursday
8:30am: Meet at front of Albertsons store, address: 11720 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135
Drive to Red Spring at Calico Basin Rd Las Vegas, NV 89161. Sketch.
12:30pm: lunch at Bonnie Spring Ranch. address: 16395 Bonnie Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89124
2pm: sketch at Bonnie’s Spring Ranch or at the Red Rock Canyon Overlook. Address: 3205 NV-159, Las Vegas, NV 89161
Dinner at Lina’s home (including in the fee)

Second day: April 24 Friday
8:00am: Meet at front of Albertsons store, address: 11720 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135. Drive to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and sketch in the park
12:30pm: Lunch (bring your own lunch)
2pm: sketch
6:30pm: dinner at Veggie House (popular Chinese vegetarian restaurant): address: 5115 Spring Mountain Rd #203, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Optional.

Third day: April 25 Saturday
8:10am: meet at 168 Market’s food court and have Dim Sum breakfast. address: 3459 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146.
Driving for about one hour 10 minutes to the Valley of Fire State Park. address: 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton, NV 8904 and sketch in the park
1:00pm: lunch provided by Lian.
2pm: sketching.

Fourth day: April 26 Sunday
9am: meet at front of Albertsons store, address: 11720 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135
Drive Red Rock Canyon. Address: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161.
Sketch at the Calico Hill South area
Noon: lunch inside of the park (bring your own lunch)
2pm: sketch at Pine Creek Trailhead area.

Schedule and locations may change according to the weather. Sketching materials will be sent to registered students.

For registration contact:
Amber Palmer
Tell: (530) 899-8401


Red Spring at Calico

Red Rock Canyon
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Valley of Fire State Park
Valley of Fire State Park
Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Pine Creek Trailhead at Red Rock Canyon
Calico Hill South at Red Rock Canyon

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