Schedules and Material List

2017 Workshops
January 9 to 11

Ridgecrest, CA (Full, waiting list)

  Debbie Newton
January 21 to 22

Ft. Myers, FL (Full, waiting list)

  Judith MacLaren
(239) 242-0495
January 24 to 25

Flagler Art League Watetrcolor Group, FL

  Linda Hammons
(904) 466-8817
January 26 to 27

Wildwood Community Center (Full, waiting list)
The Villages, FL

  Julie McGlone
(352) 750-1068
January 28 to 29
Chinese Painting

Orange Park Watercolor Society, FL

  Linda Hammons
(904) 466-8817
January 30 and 31
    Marina Yeliseyev
February 9 to 11

Tehachapi, CA (Full, waiting list)

  Nancy Waldron
(661) 703-8272
Februay 23 to 25

Yuma, AZ (Full, waiting list)

  Judy Wright
(406) 531-7339
March 13 to 14
Chinese painting
March 15 Watercolor

Jacksonville, FL (13th and 14th)
St. Augustine, FL (15th

  Linda Hammons
(904) 466-8817
March 18

Orange Park Watercolor Society, FL.


Beth Haizlip
(904) 297-5507

March 19 to 20 Watercolor
March 21 to 22 Chinese painting

St. Augustine, FL

  Linda Hammons
(904) 466-8817
April 3 to 7
Chinese and watercolor painting

National Capital Sumie Society
Washington DC
(Full, waiting list)

  Robin Frosh
(240) 418-0028
April 11 to 13
W atercolor

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
Oliver, BC, Canada
( Full)

  Donna Goett
April 24 to 28
Watercolor (studio and Plein-Air)

Exquisite Watercolor Techniques for Painting Landscape in Plein-Air and Studio
Kanuga Watermedia Workshops, NC
( Full)

  Robbie Laird

May 11 to 13
Chinese painting


Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Full, waiting list)

  Mary Cebuhar
(763) 350-3545
May 15 to 18

The Cazenovia Watercolor Society
Cazenovia, NY (Full)

  Jana Laxa
June 5 to 9
Chinese and watercolor painting

1440 Multiversity workshop
Scotts Valley, CA

  Susan Freddie
June 22 to 24

Newton Watercolor Society
Newton, MA
(Full, waiting list)

  Michael Milburn
June 26 to 28

Albany, GA

  Carole Gum
July 3 to 7
Chinese and watercolor painting

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

July 13 to 15 watercolor

Cuyahoga Valley Art Center
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

July 18 to 20

Pacific Northwest Art School
Coupeville, WA

  Lisa Bernhardt
360 678 3396
July 26 to 29
July 31 to
Aug. 3

Moultonboro, NH (almost Full)

  Estelle Smith:
(603) 476-5507
August 7 to 11

Touchstone Center for Crafts
Farmington, PA

  Elizabeth Dennis
(724) 329-1370
August 17 to 19

Port Alberny, BC, Canada (almost full)

  Elizabeth Yuen
August 21 to 23

Victoria, BC, Canada (almost Full)

  Lesley brennan
(250) 391 6984
August 25 Chinese painting, 26 and 27
    Lise King
September 7 to 9

Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild
Baton Rouge, LA

  Betty Gravois
September 14 to 16

Helena, MT (Full, waiting list)

  Janet Olson
(406) 422-5851
September 17 to 19
Chinese painting

Missoula, MT

  Dorothy Patent
Sept. 29 to Oct 1

Oakmont Art Association
Santa Rosa, CA

  Dan Fishman
Oct. 2 to 4

Linclon, CA

  Art League of Lincoln
Oct. 5 to 7
Chinese painting

Sacramento, CA

  Mary Wang-Steele
Oct. 12 to 14

Inspirations of Art Studio
Grand Rapids, MI (Full, waiting list)

  Dana Bradt
Oct. 16 to 20
Chinese painting and watercolor

Cheap Joes' Art Stuff, Boone, NC

  Edwina L. May
800-227-2788 ext. 1123
Oct. 23 to 26

Perfect Palette at Virginia Beach- Chesapeake, VA (Full, waiting list)

  Denise Dalia-Cooper
Special Workshops
2018 Jan 13 to 19

Painting vacation - Casa de Los Artistas, Inc.
Boca de Tomatlan, Jalisco, Mexico

  Robert Masla
(413) 625-8382

Workshop material List:

Chinese painting material:

Shuan Paper(rice paper):
One mature (sized) and 2 raw Shuan Papers (size approximately 30 inch x50 inch).
Four Chinese brushes from extra small to large.
One small bottle Chinese painting ink or Sumi ink.
Chinese painting colors (12 tubes in one set).

Feel free to bring all Chinese/Sumi painting materials you have. I will carry the above materials for those who need them. Students can purchase the Chinese painting material kit (include all materials listed above) for $35.00 or individual items in the workshop.

Note: If the workshop is Chinese painting only, also bring the following materials:
One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23", a half-sheet watercolor paper,a large palette, a pencil, a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer, an apron, a pare of scissors and one roll of white paper towel.

If the workshop is a combination of Chinese and watercolor paintings, these materials are listed under the "Others" at the Watercolor painting materials bellow.

To order the Chinese painting materials click Chinese Painting Materials

Watercolor painting material: Available in and Spokane Art Supply, Spokane, WA

Brushes: Synthetic and / or sable brushes - Windsor and Newton, American Journey and Loew-Cornell recommended.
Round - number 4, 6 & 8 Pointed - number 2, 3
Flat - ¼ inch (with wedge shape at end of handle for applying masking such as Windsor and Newton aquarelle brushes), ½ inch and 1 inch

Colors (tubes):
One tube from each of the three primary colors: Blue - Antwerp Blue (Windsor and Newton), Prussian Blue or Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade (M.Graham &Co.); Yellow - Hansa, or Azo Light light (M.Graham &Co.), Windsor Yellow (Windsor and Newton), Bumblebee or Aureoine Yellow (American Journey). Red - Pyrrol or Napthal Red (M.Graham &Co.), Winsor Red (Windsor and Newton) or Joe's Red American Journey) Other similar primary colors are OK.

Half sheets (15"x22", or 16"x20") 140 lb Cold Press watercolor papers, Arches or Kilimanjaro, NO EXCEPTIONS. 5-day and 4-day workshop needs 3, 3-day workshop needs 2, 2-day workshop needs 2.

One large size palette like John Pike Watercolor palette (not little ones; large white color plate is OK).

Masking Fluid:
A new bottle of light colored art-masking fluid: Pebeo Drawing Gum, Shiva Liquid Masque by Richson Mediums or Windsor and Newton's yellowish color masking are recommended. If Cheapjoes dose not have them buy from

One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23" for taping down the half sheet size watercolor paper, Three small dishes for making color liquids, a roll of masking tape or clear packing tape, 2 sheets of graphite papers (transfer paper, erasable), a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer, a brush washer (a jar contains water for cleaning brushes), an apron, 2 sheets of tracing papers size about 15"x12", a pair of scissors, a B2 or #2 pencil, erasers and one roll of white paper towel. If you can't blow the color liquids while painting, get a can of Compressed Gasduster from office supply store.

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